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Since day one we at MONTE have been dedicated to quality control, that's why have high demands when it comes to our resources and distributors. We are constantly building our innovative and friendly, yet professional business network. We treat our customers with full trust, professional responsibility and business etiquette.


Humble Beginnings

We entered the world of coffee by distributing self-service coffee machines back in 1989.

D riven by the desire to offer our customers the best product, we decided to take a big step in the year 2000. We met up, pulled up our sleeves and created the unique MONTE coffee. Its refined smell, color, and texture instantly conquered our heart. After almost 30 years of success, we are proud to see MONTE become a brand recognized for high-quality coffee by true coffee-lovers.

L istening to our customers growing demands we have been broadening our product palette through the past few years, so everybody could enjoy the MONTE world in their own way. For those cold days, we offer Montea Teas in many different tastes and smells. In order to enable true fans of MONTE the pleasure of drinking our coffee at home or in the office, we have created the MONTE capsules. For hot summer days, we offer the unique MONTE Mousse - cold, refreshing coffee cream.

Today MONTE is available not only in our local market but in many foreign markets throughout the whole world: China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosna and Hercegovina., Slovenia, Monte Negro...



The Mission: Building a strong and recognizable brand by constantly using only the best source material, state of the art technology and listening to our consumers' wishes. The best espresso coffee, quality products, efficient workflows and quick co-workers is what distinguishes us from the competition.

The Vision: By constantly growing the business while closely listening to our customers and consumers we strive to become a global player in the world of coffee that meets the highest demands for quality and taste, set by true coffee connoisseurs.