You are part of our team, we all share the same goal: constant customer satisfaction. In order to reach this aim, we share our competent service, educate you on resource handling and preparation. At the same time we keep learning alongside you with our sights set on the future at all times.

Thank you, for putting your trust in us!


MONTE - The best coffee and great friends

We are sure, that by now we were able to convince you just how much dedication and love we have towards coffee and the art of making and drinking it. Let us introduce our MONTE family now:

O ur main goal is to satisfiy every need and wish our clients may have. We don't just sell a finished product - we always like to go the extra mile to ensure every client of ours grows with us. We listen to what you have to say, because at the end of the day, we all together make MONTE.

O ur professional team is educated by the highest MONTE standards and is always ready to jump in and help with any problem you may experience. In our MONTE Academy you will learn to make the perfect espresso as well as become a master of latte art. Our high-end branded merchandise line enables you to be recognized for the same quality and dedication towards your business MONTE is known for.

Today, besides our local market, MONTE is available on foreign markets like China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Slovenia, Monte Negro...


Convince yourself with the quality of our service


Find out what some of our long term partners have to say about us, our service and of course, our coffee

  • I got my work experience from working at MONTE. They taught me to love coffee in a special way, just like they do themselves. Once a dedicated employee, I am now a loyal customer. Once you enter the MONTE Team, you never want to leave again.
    Toni Orbanić
    Art Public Bar, Rovinj
  • Coffee is a form of art, passion and love to me, that's why I don't offer my customers anything but true MONTE coffee.
    Alen Bušljeta Bush
    Dolce Vita, Zadar
  • We are offering our customers a maximum of aroma and quality for over a decade now, thanks to MONTE coffee. Let's keep it that way for the next decade, too. Cheers, ULIX
    Denis Bimbašić
    Caffe Bar Ulix, Pula
  • MONTE is superior in terms of quality to most of the global coffee brands, which we can back up with our long lasting catering experience and our high demands. The aromatic espresso, with its rich taste, creamy foam and deep brown color is a pleasure to all senses and the key of our daily offer. The satisfied look of our customers proves that we made the right choice with MONTE coffee.
    Miro Vukušić
    Coffee & Bar Legend of M, Poreč